5 Things you can clean with potatoes

3. Cleaning up glass

When glass breaks, it shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces and it’s not an easy job making sure you have swept up every last bit of shard. And oftentimes you will miss those sharp fragments only to step on them days later. So, how do potatoes help here? Well, simply use half a potato to rub around the area where the glass shattered using the exposed part of the potato and not the potato skin. It will collect all those small fragments! To keep yourself protected from any cuts, make sure you wear protective gloves while cleaning up the glass.

4. Polishing silver

If you’re boiling potatoes for supper, don’t throw the water away afterward. The reason for this is that the used water is loaded with starch that can be used to wash away stubborn stains on silverware. Put the silver in the water to soak for about an hour then Place the silver in the water for at least an hour after which time you can dry and polish to get that shiny look without any stains.

5. Small stains

Another clever way to get rid of small clothing stains is to rub the peeled part of a raw potato on a greasy stain. The starch interacts with the grease and removes it. It might take a few attempts, depending on the severity of the stain and the material, but with a bit of effort, you’ll be successful!

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