Dog starts digging in a grave – Suddenly stops and starts barking…

Dogs are regarded as man’s best friend, and there are many reasons why. It is also a pretty respectable position considering all the animals that man has interacted with and domesticated down the years. Horses, cats, parrots… there is an endless list of animals, but dogs are special. They’re different in how they love, respect, and listen to their owners. For Ivan, his dog, Binka, was certainly his buddy whom he always took a stroll through the town with. It was a routine trip that they regularly took, so Binka’s behavior on this trip was strange. His owner had never experienced this before.


On this fateful day, Ivan and his dog went on their regular walk through the cemetery. Binka suddenly ran and started digging and barking frantically in the snow. This had never happened before, and his owner couldn’t figure out why he would suddenly behave this way. But Ivan was about to be shocked by the discovery Binka was about to make. What could it be digging for? Read on to find out!

Although we hear about strange things happening in many places in the world, especially rural areas. This story of this dog is different and special in a way you would not believe. Ivan, a 56-year-old man, went on his daily walk around the old town he lived. He had spent his entire life in this town and now lived with only his dog, Binka. Walking through the town together was a ritual they did daily and today was no exception. They walked peacefully through the old, ragged, and abandoned houses taking in the winter cold.

Ivan always felt a profound peace every time he walked through town, but with this peace came a strange sadness. He remembered this town used to be boisterous, filled with smiles and children running down the street, happy. What was left now was a quiet, eerie, and empty town. The cemetery was a mirror of what the town had become – quiet and devoid of life. Someone new had just died and been buried. Ivan could see the grave looked fresh.


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