Dog starts digging in a grave – Suddenly stops and starts barking…

A young woman in the village had died a few days back; it was probably her. The town was too far away, and doctors couldn’t come there often, so many people guessed the cause of her death. It was sad to lose the woman. Not just because it’s always sad for someone to die, but because the town had just very few youths. Ivan was still staring at the grave while walking when Binka stopped abruptly. His ears perched as if searching for a signal. And just in the twinkle of an eye, he dashed towards the dead woman’s grave and started digging and barking.

Ivan couldn’t believe what was happening. For a second, he couldn’t move and wondered what could have possessed his dog to behave in such a strange manner. He had no choice but to follow his best friend to the grave, and he desperately tried to stop his dog from digging up a corpse. But it was too late.

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