Remember ‘Taylor’ from The Bold And The Beautiful? This is her now, we’re in shock!

The stunning actress immediately stole the spotlights with her looks and has been a popular character on the show ever since. Taylor Hayes, Hunters screen name, had affairs with rich men, got kidnapped, rose from the dead twice (!) and survived plane crashes. In real life, Hunter’s life hasn’t been easy on her either; her daughter Katya suffered from a rare form of cancer and her marriage of eighteen years stranded. This was  a dark period in her life and the worst was yet to come; in 2007 her son Michael was found dead in the swimming pool.

Besides her personal life her looks also gained a lot of media interest. At first this was because the sands of time didn’t seem to have any effect on her face; during her acting period her face changed minimally, probably thanks to plastic surgery. However, after a certain point the endless facelifts and botox treatments just become too much. After all, aging naturally is the best way to go. Nowadays, Hunter is almost unrecognizable, a mere reflection of her old self.

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