They Realized Why Their Dog Barking At The Table, Was Behaving Like This

A Cruel Truth

The breeder didn’t care at all about the health of the dogs. To him, each puppy is a source of financial gain and the puppies were usually sold in an auction-like setting. The unfortunate thing was that the buyers didn’t often provide suitable homes for the dogs. Some cubs unfit for sale were often sold to an illegal zoo. These cubs became prey to other animals in the zoo. It was a cruel fate for the puppies who could not be bought.

Lucky Bobby

After birth, Bobby was treated quite badly. He was forced to live in a very small compartment and got only enough food to stay alive. His early life was quite unfortunate. Fortunately, Bobby’s tribulations only lasted a few weeks. His breeder’s illegal breeding operation was discovered by Sydney security operatives and closed. His breeder was arrested and all dogs found with the breeder were moved to a local animal pound for adoption.

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