They Realized Why Their Dog Barking At The Table, Was Behaving Like This

Bobby finds a new home


George and Kyla met Bobby at the animal pound. Kyla birthed Peter a few weeks before. One day they read an article that stated the benefit of a child-puppy companionship. The young couple thought well of the proposition and therefore visited the dog pound to get a fitting puppy for Peter. George and Kyla had wanted to own a dog and the article was a hint for them. The timing fitted perfectly.

Love at a Glance

They loved Bobby the moment they saw him. They decided immediately that he was the pet they wish to have at home. But when they got to the adoption office, they realized that dog adoption wasn’t an easy affair. You see, animal shelters, seek the assurance that families that adopt their canines can be responsible for them. They needed to complete a lot of procedures before getting Bobby home.

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